Teens teaching teens about the dangers of drugs

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. Drugs are now on the minds of many sixth grades at Mount Garfield Middle School after they got a serious lesson today on the dangers of experimenting with drugs, but the message came from an unusual source.

These sixth graders were presented the real truth about the lasting effects of substance abuse from members of the Neural Activity program, a group of high school students who promote natural highs and spread the word to younger kids about the importance of saying no to drugs.

"It's been a passion of mine to educate people on drugs and alcohol especially students because they're our future," Shelby Rubalcaba, Neural Activity.

These Palisade High students covered the effects of marijuana, alcohol, meth and heroin, helping kids see beyond the physical effects and focus on how drugs can ruin bright futures.

The teachers, so young themselves, said it is crucial to get through to pre-teens before they get to high school where temptation is everywhere.

"When they are offered them when they are older they know what to say and they know how to say no to them," Macharnie Skalecki, Neural Activity.

This was Rubalcaba and Skalecki's first time presenting for Neural Activity and it proved to be successful. Students walked away with facts they say will stick with them for a long time.

"Think about your decisions before you do them and try not to make too many stupid decisions," Cassie Bitter, Mount Garfield Middle School.

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