Suit Against Grand Junction Still Stands

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. A law suit claiming the City of Grand Junction is violating first amendment rights will not be dropped, even after the city council approved changes to the ordinance that sparked it.

The city's aggressive panhadling ordinance has been hotly debated for months and the American Civil Liberties Union says they'll continue with their suit until the city makes even more changes.

"It needs to put text in the ordinance that makes it crystal clear that it doesn't apply to people who are just sitting quietly with a sign that asks for donations," says ACLU Colorado Legal Director, Mark Silverstein. "The city must repeal this blanket prohibition on any evening hour solicitations."

Some of the changes already made to the ordinance clarify that it doesn't refer to property owners, only public lands, and that it will take place immediately once approved.

GJPD Chief John Camper filed an affadavit with the federal court two weeks ago stating he had ordered his officers not to enforce the ordinance until all litigation about it has been completed.

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