Student team receives 10K grant for their hard work

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. A group of high school students’ teamwork is paying off. Their efforts earned them a $10,000 grant.

On Monday, Chevron awarded the 49-44 team with the grant money, which will help fund them for competitions in Utah and Denver.

The students built a robot and the program coordinator says the process of building it is preparing students for the business world.

"It encompasses pretty much everything in real world business that you might run across, the robot is the fun part," said Steve Langley, the Program Coordinator for the team.

This is the first time the Grand Valley has ever had a team like this. Team 49-44 works on their robot at the Business Incubator Center, but because the robot needs smooth carpeted floors to move on, Absolute Dance has opened up their studio for the students to practice and prepare for their competitions.

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