Stereotypical ad tries to get students excited about insurance

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) A new controversial advertisement geared towards getting college students excited about health insurance, is not getting the reaction from some Colorado Mesa University students it was aiming for.

"Kind of confusing and kind of rude almost," Marcy Harmon, CMU student.

"I just don't think this picture is the right picture to have kids go get health insurance," Jesse Ryder, CMU student.

The advertisement shows two people doing a keg stand with the caption, "Kegs stands are crazy, not having health insurance is crazier."

Professional counselor, Shelley Millsap, said the advertisement is trying to get on the level of young adults, "It's saying hey were not your grandparents insurance we're not a baby insurance we're here for you at your age group."

Although it is trying to appeal to a younger audience, Colorado Mesa University professor Adam Cochran said it is not an effective way to get the point across, "I don't think that they necessarily will take this campaign very seriously and especially not a serious message on insurance."

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