Staying healthy over the holidays

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The holidays are here and even though there's lots of delicious food to be eaten it doesn't necessarily mean you'll have to loosen your belt.

Experts recommend planning before you head out to holiday parties; don't be scared to eat slowly and enjoy the people you're with; try to move as much as possible, and that doesn't only mean exercise.

"When you go shopping try to park at the end of the parking lot so you're getting some extra walking in," says registered dietitian, Sandy Paulson. "Maybe walk a loop in the mall once before you go and do your shopping, any little bit that you can do will help you."

Some more tips for staying healthy during the holidays are practicing portion control, bringing your own healthy dish so you know there will be at least one option you can eat, filling up on water and a healthy dinner before the party so you don't give into cravings and maintaining your regular routine including workouts and sleep schedule.

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