Sen. Steve King replies to MCSO internal investigation against him

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Sen. Steve King is speaking out after an internal investigation with the Mesa County Sheriff's Office found that he falsified timecards and violated five codes of conduct.

King was virtually fired from the Mesa County Sheriff's Office after a series of heated disputes and texts with Sheriff Rebecca Spiess and former Sheriff Stan Hilkey over the issue.

In a statement to our newsroom via e-mail, King writes:

"The sheriff's department issued a thick report with harsh language in
response to me leaving a meeting where they accused me of what was
ultimately a $90 discrepancy on my time card. The time card was adjusted and I apologized for leaving the meeting. That said, I am both pleased and thankful for winning the primary by such a large margin. I am fully committed to working hard to win the election in November and to start putting my thirty-two years of unblemished law enforcement experience to work as the next sheriff for Mesa County."

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