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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Colorado has made major strides to significantly eliminate second-hand smoke from public areas.

Now, a new trend is emerging among housing complexes, creating entirely smoke-free communities.

"We just don't like to be around the smoke, the smoke bothers me when I can't breathe," says Grand Junction resident, Harry Coff.

Coff and his wife live in Village Park, an entirely smoke-free apartment complex, owned and operated by the Grand Junction Housing Authority.

He says he smoked for more than twenty years before quitting in his thirties, and he blames that time for his trouble walking and breathing.

Director of Housing Services for the GJ Housing Authority, Amy Case, says not everyone has been completely supportive.

"Some people have questioned our ability to not allow smoking within units but we certainly do have the right," she says.

But the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act explicitly gives property managers the right to limit smoking to designated areas, or even ban it outright.

The Housing Authority owns and manages 500 individual units within the city's limits. They're all smoke-free inside but other than Village Park, each have designated smoking areas located just outside.

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