Salvation Army monetary donations taking big hit

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. In addition to food and toy donations being down this year, monetary donations at the Salvation Army are taking a huge hit.

Officials estimate they are about $21,000 short so far this year.

2008 was a bountiful year for the Salvation Army as more than $1 million poured into the organization, but that was the same year the economy was hit hard and things just haven't been the same since then.

This year $800,000 in donations have come in. Some are blaming part of that major drop on the weather saying it is too cold to keep bell ringers out late, but there are other reasons.

Grand Junction Chamber officials said there are about 6,000 fewer people living in Mesa County than there were five years ago. Even more people have lost their jobs or have not gotten a raise and 600 businesses have shut their doors so those who used to contribute no longer can.

"Even those of us who are employed and are a part of the workforce there is a sense that we need to be a little bit more cautious with our dollars," Diane Schwenke, Chamber of Commerce.

The Salvation Army is asking for the communities support to help families in need.

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