Safeway offers cash incentive at pump

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. All Safeway Gas Stations in Colorado adopted a new discount system where customers save 10 cents per gallon if they pay with cash or a debit card. It's a new incentive to ditch the credit card when paying for gas.

The new system doesn't affect the store's gas reward program. Customers can still use any payment method inside the store when paying for groceries. The only change is at the pump. Even though this new system has been in effect for almost a month, many people we spoke with said they didn't even notice the change.

Safeway Gas Customer, Srijan Prasai, said, "I'll probably use credit cards because I earn a little more points on my credit card than saving 10 cents. I think that at the end of the year it kinds of weighs more than you using cash or credit card."

Director of Public Affairs for Safeway, Kris Staaf, sent us this statement: "We are committed to keeping our gas prices competitive across all methods of payment. Customers paying with cash or debit get our lowest price on gas. Offering a discount for cash or debit card payments is fairly common in other parts of the country and we have rolled it out across our various markets. Our credit price reflects the rising cost of credit transactions. All eligible grocery purchases using any payment method (including credit) will earn Gas Reward Points that give customers great discounts - up to $1 per gallon."

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