Safety in the school parking lot

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FRUITA, Colo. We can all remember the rush we felt when the bell rang at the end of a school day, especially around the holidays.

But one elementary school is reaching out to parents to make sure their students are safe in the parking lot after the school bell rings.

"Our parking lot is not very well designed and it was also built for a lot fewer families than what we have currently," says Rim Rock Elementary Principal, Tami Kramer.

The school was designed for about 400 students, but currently holds more than 650. And with District 51's new bus distances this year, more parents are being forced to drive their students. Packing more cars into the already over-crowded lot.

"We have encouraged families to use other areas to pick up their kids and not even come in the parking lot if they can avoid it," says Kramer.

Two crossing-guards help students across the street and the school's resource officer, Fruita Police Officer Bob Bomar, directs traffic.

"Ten minutes tops is usually what it takes to get everybody out of here," says Bomar. "The biggest thing is just people get impatient, they have things to do, they have plans and people want to get out of this parking lot."

But his message to those who are in a rush, is simple.

"Have a little patience and drive safe."

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