Retail pot shops still banned in Mesa County

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. It's no question that retail marijuana shops will be a huge part of our state come January 1st. However, many are wondering if the growing popularity has changed Mesa County's mind on the ban.

The simple answer is no. Back in August, Mesa County Commissioners placed a ban on the sale and distribution of recreational pot. They aren't regretting that decision.

Spokesperson for Mesa County, Ryan Cook, said there hasn't been any formal discussion on whether the county would rethink their decision on recreational pot. Regardless, the county is staying current with all state decisions about recreational pot shops. "The commissioners are definitely aware of what's happening in the state in terms of marijuana, but we are still not participating in that at this time."

Cook said while the Mesa County Commissioners are interested in ecomonic development, the possiblity of opening up retail marijuana shops is not the answer. Also, Mesa County voters orginally turned down Amendment 64. Cook said the commissioners are honoring the voters since the majority don't want recreational pot shops.

The state issued more than 100 retail shop licenses for the drug. However, you won't see any in cities like Grand junction, Fruita and Palisade. Those cities all have bans in place for the sale and distribution of recreational pot.

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