Colo. Nat'l. Monument needs more members

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. The Colorado National Monument is still trying to recover from the Government Shutdown. It lost about $18,000 in revenue. The Colorado National Monument Association is trying to ease some of the financial problems by pushing more people to it's membership and sponsor program.

Colorado National Monument Association is an organization that works solely to assist the monument. However, if more people join the membership program, those fees will help support vital programs in need of funds. They use funds to support educational, historic and scientific programs. In addition, they maintain the bookstore at the Visitor's Center. Organizers said new membership fees will help the monument get back to where they were before the Government Shutdown.

Bookstore Coordinator for the Colorado National Monument Association, Cherry Odelberg, said, "We use it for recreation, we use is it as a place of peace and refuge and it's just time to step forward, and protect it and help preserve it."

Currently, the association has 400 members, but they hope to have 100 more sign up by winter. Non-members have the option to pick which type of membership is best for them. Prices range from $30.00 for a basic membership, up to $1,000 to receive full benefits.

To kick off the membership push, the association is hosting an annual open house at the Visitor's Center Saturday, November 23rd from 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. The community is invited to stop by to receive special offers and discounts for members and non-members. You can purchase a membership at the event, or online. Here's the link:

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