Preggercising benefits mom and baby

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Staying active throughout pregnancy can not only help the mom to have a better pregnancy and delivery, but can also help the baby in the long run.

Dr. Peggy Wrich delivers babies and says women who are in shape have a quicker and easier labor and also recover faster.

Exercising helps reduce cardiovascular disease, diabetes and high blood pressure in moms to be. Babies can benefit as well as new research shows moms who were active while pregnant have children with more developed brain activity.

Local mom Kelsey Livingston has three kids and said throughout all three pregnancies, she exercised from the day she found out to the day she had her babies.

"I like to be in continuous movement I've danced my whole life and I love dancing and I love doing yoga and the blessing with those things is you can do those from day one," Livingston.

Fitness trainers suggest expectant moms to focus on their core and flexibility.

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