People with disabilities 'Steppin' It Up' at gym

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. It's all about the 'ability' in disability for personal trainer Stacy Antonucci and her 13 clients in Steppin' It Up.

"I don't like the titles," Antonucci said. "I see them in the gym and I see how amazing they can be and what they're capable of. When they actually see it in themselves, it's just amazing to watch."

Antonucci uses personalized weight training, cardio and games to make exercise something her group members look forward to doing.

"My favorite would definitely be the leg press," said Rochelle Broughton, a Steppin' It Up participant. "We do a lot of floor stuff so we use a lot of the equipment in multiple ways."

There was a period of time in which Broughton couldn't stand, but after doing Steppin' It Up for the past six months, her legs are getting stronger than ever.

"I can definitely tell you that had you talked to me five years ago, I probably wouldn't be doing half the machines I'm doing now," she said.

Antonucci's clients range from 14 to 39 years old. She said she's seen all of their bodies and confidence getting stronger.

"Every one of them has improved drastically with their attention, with the way their body looks," Antonucci said. "They'll be walking around and I'll glance over and I'll catch one flexing in the mirror."

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