Olathe Middle High School to educate community about marijuana use after incident

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OLATHE, Colo. The Montrose and Olathe School District is taking steps to educate the community on marijuana use after they believe the drug sent a student to the hospital during the school day.

In a letter sent home to parents, Olathe Middle High School Principal Scot Brown said the district has reason to believe students distributed and consumed marijuana edibles Wednesday at the school.

"Distributing any type whether it be edible, prescription drug, whatever that might be, that's grounds for expulsion for a year from school," said Mindy Baumgardner, of the Montrose and Olathe School District.

The Olathe Police Department is still investigating the incident.

Despite Amendment 64, people under 21 cannot possess, distribute or use marijuana.

"Our policies have not changed and to know that there is zero tolerance of drugs on campus," Baumgardner said.

On top of sending the letter home explaining the situation and the dangers of drug use to parents, the school district is planning an assembly for the community to further educate parents, students and the general public about marijuana.

"While it's an unfortunate event that has happened at our school, it gives us a great opportunity to educate not only our students and our staff, but our community as well," Baumgardner said.

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