New Sargeant in Town

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PALISADE, Colo. Palisade's Police Department is taking a big step in a progressive direction, promoting one of their officers to become the first ever female sergeant in the town's history, and some residents say it's about time.

The town turns 110-years-old next month and Sergeant Debra Funston is now the highest ranked female officer Palisade has ever had.

"I just found out this morning and it was kind of exciting, it's something that's unique, a lot of officers can't claim that," says Funston, who has been an officer for 26 years.

Originally from Montrose, Funston started her career in law enforcement in Virginia but worked her way back to the Western Slope.

She's been with the Palisade Police for the last three years.

"I am excited about Deb," says executive director of the Palisade Chamber of Commerce, Juliann Adams. "It's refreshing to see a woman get a position like that and it just shows that Palisade is modernizing."

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