Every Second Counts: Dispatch system can improve response time

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. A program meant to speed up emergency response times now makes a computer send out first calls to crews, but the computerized voice has created some issues for first responders.

The new system is meant to create uniformity, making it easier to understand a dispatcher.

But sometimes the voice, nicknamed "Flo," actually makes hearing the location of an emergency more difficult to decipher.

"Everybody is being very good about communicating this information to each other and just trying to work out the bugs," says Lower Valley Fire Chief Frank Cavalier. "The people of Mesa County are definitely going to benefit from it."

The process works like this: once a call is received, the information is entered into a computer; then a dispatcher will accept the information and Flo will automatically send out the page.

Like every new system, there are some kinks, but first responders say they look forward to seeing a big impact soon.

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