Mother reacts to son's injury in mine accident

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OURAY, Colo. Family members of those affected in Sunday's mining accident at the Revenue Virginius Mine in Ouray are speaking out. Deana Scott said her son, Chris, was one of the 19 miners that suffered injuries and was taken to the hospital. Chris was exposed to minor doses of carbon monoxide, but thankfully, doctors were able to give him enough oxygen to stay alive.

Deana said Chris has worked at the Revenue Virginius Mine since it's opening and ownership under Star Mine Operations LLC. She said Chris first wanted to get involved in the mining industry because his dad used to be a miner. Now, Chris's dad works as a volunteer firefighter and, Sunday, he first heard about the incident on the fire department scanner. Deana found out soon after that her son was involved.

Deana Scott said, "You want them to be safe, but in the same time there's always that risk... I was thankful that I did hear that Chris was okay."

She also said, "Everybody has been so kind, the calls, the hugs, and everybody's very respectful in that sense." Recently, Chris was discharged from the hospital and is now recovering at home with his family.

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