More choosing Colorado for wine bottles

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PALISADE, Colo. Local grapes are finding their way into more wine glasses in Colorado in recent years.

The Colorado Wine Industry Development Board has found sales of state-produced wine increased from $19.1 million to $28.2 million this past fiscal year.

More than half of the 335,000 gallons of wine produced in Colorado were made in the Western Slope.

Palisade wineries are also seeing this increased interest in local wine.

"They're discovering Colorado wine more and more," said Parker Carlson, of Carlson Vineyards. "Some days it's just unbelievable how it flies out of here."

Buying local wine is pricier across the state at an average of $16.68 per bottle, compared to wine from other areas at $6.14 a bottle, but Palisade winemakers said people pay the extra cash for the quality.

"Would you rather have a packaged cupcake or would you rather go to a homemade bakery and have something fresh?" said Naomi Smith, of Grande River Winery. "I think that's the same with the wine."

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