More Americans Favor Legalization of Pot

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DENVER (AP) Dignitaries from Canada and Mexico are touring a Denver marijuana dispensary today. Colorado is preparing to play host for 1,000 drug policy experts and legalization backers at the International Drug Policy Reform Conference.

Marijuana legalization will be a major topic at the conference. Colorado and Washington state have authorized pot possession for all adults over 21, with retail sales beginning next year.

And for the first time ever, Americans seem to be in favor of legalizing marijuana. A recent gallup poll shows 58% favor legalization. That's 10-percentage-points more than last November. 39% are still opposed.

The pro-marijuana momentum is attributed to public referendums legalizing marijuana in Colorado and Washington state.

America's changing marijuana policy is playing out in other nations, too. Uruguay is finalizing plans to become the first country to authorize and oversee marijuana production and sales.

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