Montrose sergeant on leave for child abuse allegations

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MONTROSE, Colo. Allegations of child abuse sent a sergeant at the Montrose County Sheriff's Office home on leave for the time being.

Montrose County Sheriff Rick Dunlap placed the sergeant on unpaid administrative leave Tuesday because he or she is the subject of a criminal investigation.

"It's just a policy," said Katie Yergensen, media relations manager for Montrose County. "It's a good thing to have."

The Montrose Police Department, Mesa County Health and Human Services and the Montrose County Sheriff's Office are all conducting investigations into the child abuse suspicions.

"We're really just reiterating that at this time, no arrests have been made, no charges have been filed, so it is indeed an investigation," Yergensen said.

The name of the sergeant will not be released until charges are filed or an arrest is made.

Even if the investigation turns up clean, it is up to the sheriff whether or not to allow the sergeant to return to work.

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