Montrose plans projects to improve downtown

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MONTROSE, Colo. Downtown Montrose will be getting a face lift in the coming years to attract more people and business to the area.

"A heart of the city is something that always is indicative of the entire city and of the region surrounding it and we want people to recognize us as being a hub for the region," said Wade Nichols, of the Montrose Downtown Development Authority.

The Montrose Downtown Development Authority is looking to widen sidewalks and add landscaping to certain parts of downtown once the weather gets warmer.

There are also plans to create more parking and signage that will clarify where parking spots are for people visiting the city.

The idea of creating a public transit system with neighboring Western Slope cities to accommodate more tourists is a topic of discussion among city leaders.

Plus, Montrose will be seeing more summer activities in the future including a possible film festival and Western Heritage weekend.

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