Montrose city voters to decide fate of recreation center

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MONTROSE, Colo. Montrose is shipping out thousands of ballots this week and city voters will be checking off yes or no to fund a new recreation center.

However, Cyndi Williams lives right outside city limits and she said she feels she should have a say in the matter as she'll be paying the extra sales tax and she already pays property taxes to the Recreation District.

"I think that we should be included in the decision making just as those living within the city," Williams said. "Just as well our taxes, our property taxes, are included in the building of the new rec center and yet we have no choice in any of those matters."

Since it's a city sales tax proposal, it could only go on a city ballot, said Barbara Bynum, a member of Friends of the Montrose Community Recreation Center.

"They do get to vote every other year for board of directors," Bynum said. "In May, the Rec District will be holding elections and people in the Rec District will get a chance to vote for the board of directors."

10 thousand ballots are going out to Montrose City voters this election.

There are about 10 thousand additional registered voters in the Montrose Recreation District who don't live in the city.

Measure B asks for a .3% sales tax increase to fund a new recreation center.

Ballots are due back by election day on April 1.

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