Montrose Unemployed Barely Holding On

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MONTROSE, Colo. Shocking unemployment numbers coming out of Montrose: first quarter reports show the county has the fourth-highest rate of unemployment in all of Colorado.

More than 9.5% of Montrose County's labor force, that's nearly 1,800 people, is without work today.

And county officials say there just aren't enough jobs to go around.

"A lot of our work was construction and that's kind of leveled off," says Montrose County Family Eligibility Programs supervisor, Jennifer Sherwood. "There just isn't very much and it's just been really hard for people to bounce back from that."

More than 800 brand new homes in Montrose sit completely empty and until they're filled local construction will still be scarce.

They say the situation will get better with time but until then, available jobs will remain limited and unemployment numbers will continue to be at extraordinarily high levels.

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