Messy Montrose roads

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MONTROSE, Colo. In Montrose, city and county, workers have been on the job non-stop, clearing and de-icing roads to make travel safer.

The county has seven blades and six plow trucks within the limits of Montrose, but they have a lot of land to cover -they plow 270 lane miles in Montrose and another 127 on top of that.

City employees say they're working as quickly as they can.

"I think that's going to take the better part of next week," says Director of Public Works for the City of Montrose. "Actually, believe it or not clearing the snow and plowing the snow is a fairly quick process, it's hauling that snow off-site that becomes cumbersome."

Residential roads are what the county considers second day service, the same goes for gravel roads.

As for the city, emergency access routes and major roads are the first to be cleared, then they move out to local roads.

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