Mesa County voters are on track this election season

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) The 2013 election is shaping up to be an average off-year season, Mesa County Elections employees said.

"Of course we always want more participation, but in off-year elections when it's not a presidential or a gubernatorial, this is typical," said Sheila Reiner, Mesa County Clerk and Recorder.

So far, 25,485 votes have been cast, which is 30% of Mesa County voters.

This figure hovers between the percentages of ballots cast in the past two off-year elections. In 2011, 41 percent of voters had gotten their ballots in at this point, while in 2009, only 26 percent had voted by now.

"Whatever we get in we're verifying by hand count, by computer count, ultimately by tabulation machine that every single vote has been accepted properly," Reiner said.

The mail-in ballots allow the Elections Office to begin counting up votes starting 15 days before the election.

"That's why we can deliver the citizens such immediate election results," Reiner said. "So right at 7 o'clock the majority of the vote will be in and those results will likely nearly be final."

90% of voters will have their voices be heard by mail-in ballots this year, Reiner estimates.

The Elections Office calculated 49% of those who have voted so far have been republicans, 24% democrats and 27% unaffiliated.

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