Mesa County to be featured in airplane magazine

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. Millions of travelers will soon be able to read information about Mesa County from thousands of feet in the air.

US Airways has offered to feature Mesa County in its in-flight magazine.

Mesa County Commissioner Rose Pugliese came up with the idea when she was reading one such magazine on a flight home one day.

"I know my husband and I we travel and when we go through the magazine we use that to create our bucket list," Pugliese said.

There will be a 12-15 page spread in the June edition.

Topics will range from tourist attractions to business opportunities to draw in travelers and new residents alike to the area.

"You never know what'll spark someone's interest," Pugliese said. "Maybe they might come here as a tourist and fall in love and move here. Maybe that might come and look and relocate their business."

Grand Junction's own community members will help write the feature.

It will be in the back pocket of every seat of US Airways national and international flights.

There will be a gala on Thursday, March 13, at Two Rivers Winery for those interested in learning more about the magazine.

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