Mesa County recognized for transparency in budget presentation

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) Mesa County has one of the best budget presentations in the country, according to the Government Finance Officers Association.

The county's finance department won the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award for the 20th year in a row for its budget book, which details for taxpayers exactly where their money is going using pictures, diagrams and comprehensible descriptions.

The department spends two and a half months organizing the book for the public.

They have been putting together the budget book for 20 years, all of which it has won this national award.

"We make an effort each year to achieve that," said Eleanor Thomas, who works for the Mesa County Finance Department. "It is kind of a challenge for us to achieve it each year no matter what's happening within our community or within our individual budgets."

The book also spells out budget outcomes, which were developed after the county surveyed residents on their desires for the area. One such outcome is making the community safer, so the budget book shows how the county gives money to public safety for that purpose.

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