Libraries host e-reader workshops

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. With only an e-reader and a library card, you can have thousands of Mesa County library books at your fingertips.

"A lot of people got e-readers for the holidays and are learning how to use them, so we have these e-reader workshops to basically to help familiarize people with their e-readers," said Bob Kretschman, public information manager for Mesa County Libraries.

The Clifton and Central Libraries hosted the first of seven e-reader workshops Thursday.

Librarians showed people how to download library books using an application and their library membership straight to their electronic devices like e-readers, tablets and smartphones.

"Reading habits are changing," Kretschman said. "A lot of people still prefer the ink on paper books, the traditional books, but a lot of people are moving to e-readers for at least some of their reading."

Workshops will continue at various library branches throughout the month of January.

You can also schedule a 30 minute appointment with library staff members if you're looking for personalized instruction on an electronic device or library resources

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