Mesa County Federal Mineral Lease Grants

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. Millions of dollars were handed out over the last year by the Mesa County Federal Mineral lease board.

And now it's looking for it's next group of awardees.

Recipients of the last grant cycle include the Town of Palisade, The City of Fruita, Colorado Mesa University, and the Lower Valley Fire District, among others.

The board says the amount of money handed out each year varies based on several factors.

"As natural gas prices continue to be challenging there may be some declines in the monies available," says Chair of the Mesa County Federal Mineral Lease Board of Directors, David Ludlam. "In the future we understand from exploration and production that's occurring today, that those numbers will go up eventually."

The money given out comes directly from royalties gained from oil and gas production on federal lands in our area.

The grants can be used on anything from street remodels to infrastructure maintenance or even sanitation upgrades.

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