Medicaid for civil unions still a gray area

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Although civil unions have been legal in Colorado for months now, there is still some confusion about what same-sex couples should do when applying to Medicaid

"That’s still a little bit murky and still to be determined," said Jon Monteith, of One Colorado in Denver.

The federal government does not recognize same-sex couples in civil unions and Medicaid is a federally-run program.

The state of Colorado and the federal government have yet to work out how same-sex couples will qualify together.

"Our hope is that it happens soon," Monteith said. "It's something that our understanding is that it's being worked out by the state of Colorado and by the federal government."

Same sex couples can apply for Medicaid individually.

If they want to do it together, Monteith recommends waiting until the issue is resolved and there are more concrete answers.

However, Mesa County Department of Human Services said their applicants haven't run into any problems.

"No different than any other couple," said Angeline Roles, of the Department of Human Services. "As long as you meet the eligibility requirements that are on the website or are on a paper application, there is no difference on your marital status then."

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