Man who shot dog at Albertsons speaks out

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Twenty years ago, Chad Herbranson got his concealed carry permit, and his gun is with him wherever he goes.

But when he went out with his two daughters early on Super Bowl Sunday decked out in Bronco's sweats, he didn't have anywhere to keep it.

"I got my girls loaded in my truck I was like no I don't feel right going anywhere without it," he says. "I went back in the house, got it and I just stuck it inside my pocket."

As they pulled into the Albertsons parking lot, one of the girls pointed out the pit bull in front of the store.

They avoided the dog by walking across the parking lot away from it, but he says it attacked anyway.

It first went after his six-year-old, biting her in the hand, before turning and chasing down his eight-year-old.

That's when Herbranson sprung into action.

"I pulled my gun out and did what I had to do to save my girls," he says.

He fired two shots; the first wounded the animal, the second ended it's suffering.

Herbranson says he has friends with pit bulls and has nothing against the breed itself.

But he does say from now on he'll be much more careful around them and he's very thankful he didn't leave home without his weapon.

The woman holding the dog at the time was not the owner but was arrested at the scene for an unrelated outstanding warrant.

GJPD officials say Herbranson is not facing criminal charges.

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