Man camps out this weekend at City Market to help the hungry

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. One devoted Salvation Army volunteer is bearing the cold this weekend to collect food at City Market, but he said the rewards for the community are worth some shivering.

"People may not know about it, but the Salvation Army helps out so many people that come to them for assistance that need food, that don't have food to put on the table," volunteer Mark Strasser said.

Strasser will be collecting food for the Salvation Army and won't be leaving the premises of City Market on 24 Road until Sunday afternoon.

His goal is to fill an entire truck with 15 thousand pounds of donated food, exceeding last year's collection of 12 thousand pounds.

Strasser is asking shoppers to pick up a few extra boxed meals, canned goods and even turkeys, so everybody has food on their tables this holiday season.

This is the fifth year Strasser has dedicated his weekend before Thanksgiving to the cause.

"There's just hungry people here that need help," he said. "I'm here because hunger never sleeps. I'm just dedicated to do this."

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