Local gun owners attend free concealed carry class

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. More than 100 Mesa County residents are learning how to keep themselves and others safe while having firearms out in public.

The group Guns for Everyone hosted a free concealed carry class at the Grand Junction Masonic Center Sunday.

"The fact that it's free, I feel like you get more people that are becoming aware and the more people you can make aware of a situation, the better you are trying to enforce it and make it safe," said Will Lostumbo, who attended the class with his mom and sister.

Courses can run more than $150, but the group is looking to bring gun safety to all despite their financial situations.

"The way we see it people shouldn't have to ask for permission, people shouldn't have to pay the government to be able to defend themselves," said Guns for Everyone instructor Edgar Antillon. "So it's important for us to offer these classes."

The class taught not only concealed carrying techniques, but also proper gun etiquette and ethics.

"A lot of people think that hand guns are about killing people," Antillon said. "It's not about killing people. It's ultimate tool that you're going to use for self defense but it's the last resort."

Antillon said Guns for Everyone is helping gun owners be safe and informed, while stopping legislation looking to limit gun ownership.

"The way we see it is the more we offer this to people, the more people that are carrying concealed, a lot harder it's going to be for them to take it away from us," he said.

Everyone who completed the course qualifies for a concealed handgun permit.

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