Lawmakers prep for the 2014 legislative sessions

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. State Senator Steve King is making his way to Denver for the start of the session on Wednesday, and like other lawmakers King has many ideas to bring to the table.

Each lawmaker can introduce up to five bills during the legislative sessions and Senator King has taken full advantage of the opportunity to make a change and has filled out all five bills.

King is hoping to get fellow lawmakers to deal with the state's serious wildfire problem after years of massive blazes that devastated thousands of acres.

He said preventing fires should be a top priority and wants the state to invest in an air fleet to attack blazes.

King said Governor John Hickenlooper has shot down that idea in the past saying it's too expensive, but after spending $48 million on battling fires last year, King said there is a more effective way to keep Coloradans safe.

"Critical that we motivate the Governor to make it a priority before we have catastrophic wildfire in a watershed that changes Colorado for generations to come," Senator King.

Another topic he will push is opening up more job opportunities for Western Slope residents.

When talking to constituents, King said unemployment is the biggest issue on their minds.

Representative Jared Wright is already in Denver and says his goal is to get Front Range politicians to focus on helping the economy recover by boosting agriculture in the area.

The legislative session will last 120 days.

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