Juror excused in Jensen trial and witness testimonies continue

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Tensions were high on the fourth day of Heather Jensen's trial as a juror was cut from her duties.

The morning was stressful for the defense, prosecution and the female juror who was accused by a potential witness of knowing Heather Jensen. Both sides questioned the juror and the judge ultimately decided to excuse her in fear of her swaying the outcome of the case.

After that ordeal was taken care of, six witnesses took the stand.

One was Deputy Tim Orr who was one of the first responders on the scene on November 27th 2012.

He drove Jensen to the hospital and said he stayed with her as a support system even holding her hand at times because she didn't have anyone else with her. He said when Jensen found out William didn't survive she completely lost control of her emotions and collapsed on the floor.

Two witnesses who inspected Jensen's car after the incident also took the stand.

Dave Wolny is an expert auto mechanic and said upon inspection, the temperature on the car was pushed to the highest level of heat, the fan was off and the controls were set to re-circulate air in the car rather than bring air from outside in.

Investigator Scott Ehlers did multiple temperature tests on the car leaving the settings the same as they were the night William and Tyler were in the car. After an hour an a half the temperature in the car from a couple different tests ranged from 127 to 145 degrees.

A Plateau Valley Fire Employee was another first responder on scene who testified today. A Sergeant with the Mesa County Sheriff's Office who was in charge of making sure no one touched the car on scene and a carbon monoxide expert also took the stand.

One focus the jury continues to have when asking questions is whether Jensen was tested for drugs or alcohol that November night. Law enforcement officials who testified on the stand said they didn't have reason to believe she was under the influence of any substance.

The trial continues on Monday.

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