Juror #9 speaks out about Jensen trial

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Tim Jewett was chosen out of hundreds and served as juror number nine in the Jensen trial.

He said sitting through hours of witness testimony and evidence was very difficult, but not as hard as being put in a room with 11 others with the responsibility of changing a woman's life forever.

"It was about 50/50 we were very very split and it possibly could've gone to a hung jury," Tim Jewett, Juror #9.

The guilty verdict on False Reporting to Authorities was more straight forward for the jurors than the other charges. Jewett said they re-watched the video interview of Jensen at the Sheriff's Office from the night of incident and all agreed she lied.

The two charges of Child Abuse Resulting in Death also led to a guilty verdict and after reading the law, which involves a person causing an injury to a child's life or health, they decided she was responsible.

"Heather made some poor choices leaving the boys in the car," Jewett.

Finding her not guilty of Criminally Negligent Homicide was when the real challenge started.

"I thought I did not want to find her guilty especially of the homicide part of it and then about half way through I flipped the other direction," Jewett.

Jewett was one of the few jurors who believed there was a foreseeable risk in leaving kids in the car with the heat on and said he was passionate about finding her guilty.

Those passions were high with jurors even yelling at each other.

They spent a lot of time looking over the definition of the law, which includes a gross deviation from the standard of care that a reasonable person would have.

They all agreed on a not guilty verdict after they say she didn't have the thought process of a normal person, the word homicide didn't apply to her case and the prosecution didn't prove her guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

"I'm confident and I'm good with what we decided on," Jewett.

Heather Jensen is due back in court on March 21 for sentencing.

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