Increase in number of visitors to the Central Library

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The Mesa County Central Library underwent a full remodel and reopened their doors this past June.

Since the remodel at the 5th and Grand location, the library has seen an increase in visitors, averaging 100 more visitors per day.

Before the remodel they saw 1,500 visitors a day and now they're averaging 1,600 visitors a day.

"We're very pleased with the public’s response. We have had a lot of really good comments about the central library since we're back in here. People love the space, it feels like a new building even though most of it is the old building remodeled," says Bob Kretschman, of the Mesa County Libraries.

Library attendance also increased this last year by three tenths of a percent. That even includes the library being closed for three weeks during June which is considered to be their peak season. The library uses door counters to collect the data.

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