Inconsistencies in Jensen's story revealed

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The inconsistencies of Heather Jensen's statements are coming out as the DVD from the night she was first interviewed by authorities was shown on day five of the trial.

Colten Childers, the man she was having sex with while her two young sons were left in the car that night, also took the stand.

The prosecution's case is heating up with witness testimonies showing just how many times Jensen lied during her conversations with authorities.

At first she said she left her kids in the car for 10 minutes to smoke a cigarette and had no intention of meeting Colten Childers, but that he coincidentally spotted her car when driving towards Powderhorn.

Throughout the interview her answers kept getting more confusing and the investigators caught on.

"We've been talking to people including Colten and you're not being truthful we want to try and help you get out of here but we need to know the truth," Jim Hebenstreit, Complex Crimes Unit, MSCO.

Jensen later admitted to keeping the boys in the car for an hour and a half while she had sex with Childers.

She said the reason she lied was because she was afraid her then boyfriend, Peter Stein Gillette, would find out.

Childers also testified and went through the events of the night. He said he did not think Jensen was putting her boys in any danger by keeping them in the car.

The defense previously filed a motion not to include any testimony about Jensen's infidelity during her marriage, citing irrelevance to the case.

It was approved by Judge Robison, but because the defense discussed Jensen's need for male attention in their opening statements the judge will now allow the prosecution to ask witnesses about it.

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