Dynamite Removal Closes I-70

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PALISADE, Colo. Owners of the land say they purchased the more than 20 pounds of dynamite to remove a rock from their property.

"One thing led to another and we never did get around to doing it," says Beverly Mullin, whose family owns the land.

While law enforcement isn't allowed to tell us exactly how the bomb squad disposed of the dynamite, our crews were able to see a remote controlled robot used during the disposal .

All explosives were rendered safe during the procedure.
UPDATE: Crews have given the all-clear to re-open I-70 through Palisade around 2:20 p.m.

I-70 was closed for a couple hours at exit 42 and exit 44 in palisade while crews work on disarming explosives.

According to officials with the Grand Junction Police Department, the Grand Junction Bomb Squad was called out to remove several pounds of old dynamite that had been stored on a property in the 3800 block of G 7/10 Rd.

Technicians with the Bomb Squad attempted to utilize methods that would hopefully minimize the chance of an explosion, however the possibility that the dynamite could detonate remained.

If the dynamite detonated there was concern that rocks from the Boockliffs could dislodge and fall onto I-70. Thus, the Bomb Squad consulted with C-DOT and determined that the interstate should be closed to ensure driver safety.

The Grand Junction Police Department Regional Bomb Squad rendered the dynamite safe, which was found on private property. This was not a criminal incident but rather a safety issue. Multiple law enforcement agencies were involved in this incident, along with Palisade Fire Department and Colorado Department of Transportation.

Community notifications were sent to nearby addresses as well as to those who have signed up to receive road closure information through the Community Notification System.