Hundreds gather for Veteran's Day Memorial

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A special memorial to honor veterans was held at the Vietnam War Memorial Park in Fruita.

Veteran Harry Hagaman served our country in the U.S. Marine Corps for 31 years. He said, "Veteran's Day is a way that I could give a little back to a great country."

Hagaman attended the ceremony at the Vietnam War Memorial Park, Monday. He said, "It was very well done, very well organized by Jim Doody, he's a good friend and a good American."

Grand Junction Council Member, Jim Doody, founded the park a decade ago and has hosted this memorial every Veteran's Day. Doody said, "Inspiring... and then the participation from the singer and the pledge of allegiance by Hudson Hien. It was just all emotional and very heartfelt."'

Doody first started this site to honor his fallen brother. He said, "This is a story about two boys. My brother and his best friends. They both flew helicopters and they both died flying helicopters."

Doody explained a statue that is on the site, "What we did is we put a mother and father, welcoming home their son from Vietnam and that duffel bag that the marine is holding, that's my brother's duffel bag. That's all we got back from Vietnam."

Hagaman said, "To reach out and thank those mothers and fathers who have given their sons and daughters to our nation and those who have not come back because they are the true heroes... they went over there with the feeling that they wanted to help, but they got in the middle of it and many didn't come home."

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