High winds in Olathe cause damage

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OLATHE, Colo. High wind advisories kept many people indoors this weekend, but it didn't stop mother nature from running its course.

The McCurdys heard a loud bang shortly after five o'clock Friday night and later found the entire roof of their mother's house detached from its base.

Thankfully no one was inside the house when the incident happened,

Currently, the roof is not stuck in a tree nearby the home.

"It had to have been a microburst, cause wind, dirt was blowing by the house so hard that you couldn't see out the window and our house was shaking," says Charles McCurdy.

The family is unsure as to the cost of the damage and an insurance adjuster is set to take a look at the property in a few days.

To help avoid structural damage to your own property during this windy season, make sure to bolt down and secure windows, screens, and doors that may become loose in the gusts.

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