High snowpack totals for Colorado resorts

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MESA, Colo. Snow conditions in Colorado right now are some of the best in the country, perfect for carving through the powder; but this much snowfall in February isn't exactly the norm.

In the last ten days, Powderhorn has received over six feet of snow, boosting their base to over 70 inches and improving ski conditions.

And after a tough January snow-wise, they're really benefiting from the extra powder.

"It helps us with trail maintenance much better, obviously we're 100% open now and so able to open the resort wall to wall and get more people up here and get rid of all of the brown spots," says Powderhorn general manager, Sam Williams. "It's skiing fantastic right now."

As the Spring skiing season approaches, a large base will help Powderhorn maintain good snow conditions when the weather gets warmer.

If conditions stay as nice as they are now and the snow keeps coming down, Powderhorn staff say they could be able to keep the resort open another week.

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