Group defends second amendment rights at luncheon

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FRUITA, Colo. A passion for defending themselves and their second amendment rights is uniting Grand Valley gun owners.

About 20 Mesa County Open Carry members met for lunch at Rib City in Fruita, while practicing open carry with guns in holsters at their sides.

Unlike concealed carry, open carry can be practiced without a permit, but gun owners said responsibility is key.

"We're responsible," said Kelsey Lisle, a member of Mesa County Open Carry. "There are the bad ones out there, but you can't judge the whole group by one or two bad people. These are our rights. There shouldn't be infringement on those rights."

Mesa County Open Carry members said they've gained supporters through Facebook and now have around 90 members.

Lisle said she hopes to continue adding to the group and hosting monthly meetings at businesses that support open carry.

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