Governor brings big business plans to Mesa County

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. A special visit from the governor hickenlooper fuels the fire for mesa county business developers and gets the Grand Valley pumped about water.

Governor Hickenlooper spoke Friday at the 20 Club spring meeting to discuss his statewide water plan regarding Colorado's water allocation due to the recent drought and upcoming wildfire season.

Later at the Halliburtion facility, he spoke about bringing jobs and natural gas back to Western Colorado.

"The challenge here is to rebuild job opportunity, and starting from scratch," says Governor Hickenlooper.

Currently, Grand Junction is the 19th best community in america for start up companies, so he hopes diversification will help the western slopes economy.

The Governor hopes to help lower natural gas prices while creating a bigger demand for it, so coloradans can work together to rebuild this industry.

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