Gambling in De Beque

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DE BEQUE, Colo. A new but controversial source of income could be coming to the Western Slope in the form of casinos and gambling.

On Thursday the De Beque Wild Horse Gaming Committee announced they've proposed legislation to make limited stakes gaming legal in the town.

The committee was formed to gauge local opinion for the plan it says will fill a void in the area.

"There is a hole on the Western Slope for gaming, there's a hole in Colorado," says Executive Director of the Gaming Committee, Guy Patterson. "The entire front range is served very very adequately but if you live on the Western Slope you are at least 200 miles away from any sort of gaming in the state."

The committee says the proposed legislation will add De Beque to the list of legal gambling sites in Colorado.

If approved, a statewide vote this november would make the final decision about the potential legalization.

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