GOP ready to pick Hickenlooper challenger

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DENVER, Colo.- Republicans are expected to face an uphill battle in their attempt to unseat Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper no matter who they pick as their party candidate in the primaries Tuesday.

It's a matter of whether the GOP chooses to go with familiar faces with previous failed gubernatorial candidacies, or some relative newcomers to the party political establishment.

Their options are former U.S. Rep. Beauprez, who was crushed in his 2006 bid, and firebrand Tom Tancredo, a former congressman known mostly for his hard-hitting stance on illegal immigration.

Also running is current Secretary of State Scott Gessler, the only candidate in the field to have previously won a statewide race, and Mike Kopp, the former state Senate Republican leader.

Republican political strategists say fundraising might pick up once the party gets behind a candidate.

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