G.J. Trails Alliance looks at goals for 2014

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The Grand Valley is nationally known for its biking and hiking trails. Often the trails are maintained by members of the Grand Valley Trails Alliance. The Trails Alliance held their first quarterly meeting Tuesday night.

The idea behind the meeting is to bring together trail enthusiasts to meet with the board of directors and talk about trail projects for the upcoming year.

One of those goals is a trails roundtable.

The roundtable would have representatives from the entire trails community. They would meet each month to talk about enhancing different trails.

"We can analyze the current situation of trails and help move them along through the process to get them good solid maintenance procedures in place as well as new bills. We work closely with the land management agencies to make sure the processes is streamlined," says Elisa Jones, Chairmen of the Grand Junction Trails Alliance.

Another goal for 2014 is to build a trails resource center.

An exact location has not be chosen but most likely would be somewhere downtown. The center would provide information for visitors, as well as a workspace for opportunities.

A third goal the alliance has for 2014 is to have a study on the value of the trails done.

The study would look at the economic value the trails have for the community. It would look at the health impact that having the trails has on the community, and effectively understand the importance and opportunities the trails provide people in the Grand Valley.

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