Residents asked to sign up for new emergency alert system

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The Grand Junction Police Department launched an upgraded Emergency Notification System (ENS) called Everbridge. It's designed to make it easier for people to use and get information.

Most calls into the Communication Center at the Grand Junction Police Department are from cell phones, not a landline.

Grand Junction Police Chief John Camper said, "Nowadays with so many people having cell phones and in some cases, not even having a landline anymore in their homes. We really don't have a way of notifying people unless they sign up for a system like this."

Operation Manager for Grand Junction Police Department Monica Million said, "Everbridge was used by several of the communication centers or 911 centers in the state and they took a lot of feedback, not only from the citizens but from the 911 centers that were using it as a notification system."

Million said that because of extensive research three new features were added to the system.

She said signing up is easier, residents can download a new application called "Everbridge", and there's an option to receive weather alerts. However, messages can also be sent via e-mail, a text message or voice call. Residents can also select up to 5 locations to receive notifications from.

Project Manager Paula Creasy said, "because we didn't have to replace an entire new system, we were able to save quite a bit of money." Grand Junction Police Department said it saved $100,000.

However, Million said for it to work, people need to sign up. She said, "It's important for them to understand how critical it is for them to be able to receive timely information in an emergency and it's important for them to go on and sign up."

Million said only 7,000 residents have signed up, which is not even 10% of Mesa County residents. She said it's important for residents to sign up so that this system can be useful.

To sign up, visit: and click "Sign Up to receive alerts from the emergency notification system." You will be asked to create an account. After you create a user name and password, you can download and log on to the free mobile application called "Everbridge".

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