G.J. Parks and Recreation rolls out new web site

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Grand Junction Parks and Recreation has announced the roll out of the new and improved website "active dot com."

Through the new site users can search and register for different activities giving them the ability to check for facility availability, manage their family's account, view your family's weekly schedules, and access receipts. There are many other advantages for the user that the site gives such as signing up for activities even when the parks office is closed.

"We actually already have 558 people in the system and we opened for business on January first. People are now actually able to set up their own accounts online and start using it right away where in the past you would have to go through a process to have it approved," says Traci Wieland, superintendent with GJ Parks and Rec.

The site also allows you to connect with others through a Facebook link.

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